Our training will make you a successful eyelashes
and eyebrows professional!

I will teach you an advanced lash lifting technique, this is a service with very little investment that can help you obtain an excellent economic return.


This course is designed for people who are interested in learning a new profession and want to increase their income.


If you have experience and your Lash liftings are good but not perfect and you are tired of hit-or-miss results and want to learn what are you doing wrong this course is for you!

Course content

  • What is lash lift?
  • Eyelash life cycle
  • How to choose a good product
  • Product components
  • Function of chemicals
  • Eyelash porosity
  • Learn to work with short eyelashes
  • Most common mistakes
  • Instudio Tips and Secrets
  • How to know if P1 is ready
  • Diagnoses of eye type and
  • Eyelash type
  • Types of curvatures
  • Types of Shields
  • Chemical application
  • Recommended supplies
  • Recommendations after
  • Eyelash lift
  • Photography and editing programs
  • How to find clients and sell your services

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